A few months ago, La Sera played their record release for their newest album, Hour Of The Dawn, over at The Echo.  I was all ready to go to it and scope it out, but when the night finally arrived, I made up some excuse for why I couldn’t make it, wussed out, and stayed home.  When I finally picked up a copy of the aforementioned shiny vinyl disc, put it on my turntable, and gave it a spin, I felt my stomach sink as I realized what a huge mistake passing on that show was.

Hour Of The Dawn, has an urgency in it that I didn’t find much in previous La Sera releases, and it’s something that I immediately became enamored with.  Katy Goodman and her band absolutely blaze through this new batch of tunes, and their ability to blend such lovely, bright, dreamy melodies with frenzied, all out intensity so perfectly is incredibly mesmerizing.

The above track, “Losing To The Dark,” opens up the record, and not only is the song an absolute burner, but it sets the listener up perfectly for what’s to come.  I guess the Poison Idea t-shirt on the cover of the record should have prepared me for where the record was going, still, the opening track took me by surprise and blew me away.  The band’s transitions from abrasive dissonance into sweet harmonies is mesmerizing and their rhythm section does incredible job of pushing everything to it’s limits.  While the band still mixes the the album up with slower numbers here and there, the overall tone of the album is darker, moodier, and more nuanced than anything I’ve heard out of this group yet.  Needless to say, I became an instant fan.

Fortunately, I got to catch the band erupt through a great deal of these songs live at Burger-A-Go-Go, so I don’t have to wonder about how good they probably come across live anymore.  Still, I can’t help but kick my own ass for not going to that record release.

More information on La Sera can be found at their Facebook.  Copies of Hour Of The Dawn can be picked up via Hardly Art.